Terry Bradley

Welcome to the Terry Bradley website and we hope everyone is staying safe during these extraordinary times.

As both our galleries are closed we have been putting extra effort into the site and will continue to update it as we go along. We’ve been updating our content, adding photos and putting on lots of extra prints that were previously only available in the galleries. We also have a few new prints coming through that we hope to add in the coming days along with a section to take pre orders of Terry’s very latest work.
We have been able to keep the online side of our business open and can continue to post out prints, canvases, bags and gift vouchers.
You can also contact us directly either by email at info@terrybradley.com or on the Bradley mobile, tel: 07367995222

Well Terry’s been working away as usual and keeping himself busy as always in his home studio in County Down.
Here he’s working on a hand embellished canvas of ‘Aslan’. By adding extra colour and detail he makes every one a unique and distinctive piece.

Terry Bradley

Terry Bradley was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1965. His early life was spent growing up in some of the most volatile streets in Belfast where his mother tried to keep him inside and away from the “Troubles” outside their front door. Bradley found a form of escapism reading Herge’s Adventures of Tin Tin and his work is still influenced by the black lines of the vivid drawings that illustrated the collection of books that he gradually acquired.

Bradley made the move to Dublin in 1989 and was busy painting and drawing in his spare time. A chance conversation led to Bradley’s first exhibition in the famous PoD nightclub. The night was a huge success and Terry finally started to make some money from the one thing that had stayed with him all his life.

Bradley has now reached a place in his life that he is comfortable with. He is able to paint full time and explore the voyeuristic side of his nature that he first discovered as a child observing the dangerous world around him His work often centres on strong and powerful women, most recently the burlesque dancers of Paris. He has also started exploring the colourful characters from the Belfast dockland area known as Sailortown, famous around the world for their hard drinking and hard-working attitude.

His need to say more with his art and his love of symbolism has led him to use the paintings to convey his personal thoughts. Words such as Honour, Hope, Faith and Love are all used frequently in his latest work.

His art has recently come to the attention of world brand leaders such as ABSOLUT Vodka and Harley Davidson with Terry being named as brand ambassador for HD. He has recently exhibited with The Bike Shed in both London and Paris. He has just completed a commissioned piece for the Dead Rabbit in NYC (officially the best bar in the world), which was showcased at their 5th anniversary party on the 12th Feb 2018. His facebook page has nearly 60,000 followers from all over the world.

Terry’s first permanent art gallery opened in Bangor, Northern Ireland in October 2017 where he showcases his latest work including original pieces and limited edition prints on paper and canvas.